Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is diversity possible?

Can you have diversity when there is absolute secrecy, strict adherence to tradition, distain for scholarship and creativity, and a single person becomes the gatekeeper and sole voice of multiple esoteric mysteries and sects?

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Valeyard said...

Diversity is impossible in such a context, but at the same time - having those ties of tradition and a singularity in focus can be beneficial in spiritual development. But perhaps in this context, stagnation is something to be feared more? Doesn't really matter what side of things you're on in the end - whether completely self-taught or faithful follower. All paths can lead equally to godhood.

Deanna Bonds said...

How would you know if diversity exists if everyone keeps their order a secret? It is like Schrodinger's cat, you will never know if it is dead or alive until you open the box.

I wouldn't worry too much about that gatekeeper that pro-ports a tradition of his own making. Credibility becomes a factor when you have to have faith just to be initiated, and now there is a boogy man (well group of beings) that will judge if we are all worthy. Just ridiculous.

Scholarship, personal experience, and experimentation is our path. These teachings didn't drop out of thin air, people found them through the fore mentioned methods. If anyone can find them, then we can find and experience them. Having a group egregore and body of knowledge greatly helps our process, but is not required. Anyone that claims they are the sole path to teachings that anyone can bring forth with work should be shunned.
There will be diversity because there isn't just one thing that works; all paths lead to Rome.