Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things that I am reading today QoD edition

Here are three quotes from things that I have been reading on the web today.

First up is Rufus Opus, who is talking about his unwillingness to be sold a bill of goods in his post Idiocy and the Secret Papers.

"If you want to play those reindeer games, by all means feel free to do so. But don't try to tell me your personal fantasies are really the really real truth. There are no secret documents that weren't developed in the last century, there is no secret Order of initiates from Atlantis, there is no hidden group of ascending masters who will be able to teach you anything you can't find on the internet for free (, or figure out on your own if you try hard and ask the right spirits for help."

Yes, Rufus makes people upset---all the time. I think that why I like him so much. And here is a hint, if he gets you upset, ask yourself "Why?! Is he telling the truth?"

Second up is Jenn from A Broom and the Moon, talking about Spiritual Menstruation.

"Bottom line, it is immature for any man on this planet not to be comfortable with the fact that women have periods. A woman's body is quite possibly the most beautiful thing on this Earth. Love your woman, her body, and her bodies cycles."

To this day, I am amazed at the discomfort displayed by most men when it comes to the functions of the female body, even men who should know better. Hint---the taboos were installed by the exoteric "no magic allowed" religions.

And finally, Chris Brennan is writing about his concerns about astrologers jumping on the 2012 bandwagon in his article Do Not Associate Astrology With 2012.

"Virtually all claims by astrologers about the significance of 2012 have been made as a result of a preconceived notions that something important is supposed to happen that year because that is what the New Age writers have told people that the Mayans predicted. So most contemporary predictions about 2012 by astrologers are attempts to justify why 2012 could be important from the perspective of contemporary astrological theory, trying to account for the preconceived notion rather than identifying something that stands out as astrologically significant in its own right."

Personally, I extend this concern to all the esoteric sciences, not just astrology. Of course, my regular readers have read my opinion about the 2012 Doomsday. Basically, I think it is not going to happen.

So there you have it---a quick peek into what I have been reading today.

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