Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Kitties Day 11

Is your kitty on Santa's naughty list?
I am sure that one of my cats is on Santa's naughty list...perhaps even permanently. No names mentioned, Mr. Everything Looks Like a Cat Toy---including jewelry, hair ties, computer cables---not only does everything look like a cat toy; he can also pull apart actual cat toys apart in a matter of minutes. I guess I cannot blame him; he is one of the rescue cats. As I type this entry, he is helping himself to the packing peanuts and batting them all over the floor---my wife is not going to be pleased with the mess that he is making. And yes, I am also on Santa's naughty list because watching him do this amuses me.

(And for the curious, this is my 666th post on this blog...and it is about one of my cats---go figure.)

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