Saturday, March 24, 2012

Would bribes create more favorable reviews?

One of the things that I have been asked during the current internet boilover is if I get paid to do book reviews.

The answer is No.

And if I was paid, I would have to admit to it---that is the law where I am living.

As it is, I have to disclose if I was given a copy (electronic or physical) of the item that I am reviewing.

(By the way, the only things I have to disclose are monetary involvements---I do not have to disclose anything else, including how many dogs or cats that the writer has.)

And it turns out that giving me a free copy does not guarantee a better review.

Would giving me money guarantee a better review? I don't know. Maybe. I am not even sure if it would move the items to earlier in the review line.

Open letter to those who have items in my review box: If you would like me not to review your book now that I am about to go on a black-list, email me through the address that you sent me the electronic copy through. If you do not care about the fact that I am about to be black-listed, then do nothing. I promise to get around to reviewing your material...sooner or later...please remember that I am a non-traditional college student doing his Senior Seminar in History this semester; for some reason, I think that final paper comes first before reviews--Silly me.


Imperator David Griffin said...

I guess it would depend on price, no? Remind me, and I will make you a deal too good to pass up when my next book comes out


Al said...

Will it be more than the regurgitated tripe of your last book, David?