Friday, June 8, 2012

Garfield breaks the scales

Garfield weighs forty pounds and is the world's fattest cat.
File this under the "I thought my cat was fat," and "dubious rewards you do not want to win."

The new reward holder for the title of world's fattest cat is Garfield, a cat clocking in at forty pounds. Honestly, if someone didn't date the picture here (June 4, 2012) and swore that the person (Janet Ciminelli of North Shore Animal League of America) was a real person, I wouldn't believe it.

My heaviest cat weighs in at fourteen pounds, and I am cruel when I call him "blimp-cat." I am not sure what to call Garfield. I understand that the shelter (who recieved Garfield when his owner died) has put Garfield on a non-grazing (no dry food) diet, hoping that he can lose fifteen to twenty pounds; they are also hoping to find a new owner, who will keep Garfield active.

I understand letting your cat eat all he wants is considered an act of love, just like some families consider skinny people like me unhappy because I am thin and seldom eat thirds. But seriously, if your housecat weighs more than twenty pounds, they are too fat--put them on a diet; make them do some exercise. No cat should look like it is about to have a heart attack. The Secret Chiefs will thank you for keeping your cat healthy and fighting-trim.


Deanna Bonds said...

One of my previous cats (moved on to the astral plane) used to like to jump on my tummy when I was laying on the couch. It hurt when he would do it. If Garfield did that it just might injure me.

Bashmu the Oracle said...

Given that size of the woman's hands in this photo (which seem unnaturally large), I was initially prone to believe that it was a hoax... So I looked for the shelter in question:

Very disturbing indeed.

Anonymous said...

That is one fat cat! OMG! When is Michelle Obama going to come up with a fitness plan for cats? inquiring minds want to know... ;)