Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Solistice!

Pagan kitty celebrates solistice in style.
My cats celebrate the solistices, but they will not let me dress them up. That makes me sad. And this is even after I give them tasty bribes of catnip and tuna. Don't they know people only come to this blog to see the latest kitty fashions?
If you are here from the Tarot Blog Hop, and it is after sunrise at Stonehedge on the Summer Solistice, and this is the most recent post, then something has gone wrong. The masterlist for this Tarot Blog Hop can be found on Inner Whispers. If it is not officially the Summer Solistice yet, then you must wait for the Tarot Blog Hop to begin. For the curious, sunrise at Stonehedge on the Summer Solistice 2012 is 10:15 pm mountain time...provided that the website I was using for conversion is correct.

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