Monday, June 25, 2012

Pray for rain in Colorado

There is absolutely no evidence that my cat has a drug problem.
Well, it is official--Colorado is dry and burning up. Seems like a typical summer to me. I am not sure how many wildfires are currently burning in Colorado, but it is definitely one too many.

I meant to do some gardening this year, as in plant some vegetables that my wife would promptly refuse to eat. Unfortunately, my (hopefully last as an undergrad) semester dragged on and was a grueling nightmare clear up to the end, so I did not start to garden nearly as soon as I should have.

Now, I can leave the water on all night and still be working with bone-dry dirt when I attempt to do anything out in the garden. It might be the result of the hundred degree days we are having.

So I am just mainly transplanting a few of the herbs that have proven to do ok with droughts, and seem to have secret plots to take over the world, to different spots. One of which is the Persian Catnip, a plant that my favorite cat has absolutely no problem with.

On one of the news groups that I belong to, a bunch of Colorado pagans and witches are doing a joint project in weather magic to try to bring rain to Colorado. And yes, I am going to be rolling up my sleeves also. If rain comes soon enourgh, I can still get some squash in before winter hits.

Feel free to critize my use of weather magic in the comment section--just remember that part of my training is Pennslyvania Dutch. Weather magic is perfectly acceptable to those who grow up in farming country.


Susabelle said...

Weatherwork away, my friend! Last night we got ten minutes of rain in Longmont, where I live. I stood out in it and encouraged its growth. It then moved north. It wasn't a lot, but it was something.

I am new to Colorado, and it breaks my heart to realize my state is completely burning up. And my gardening adventures have not been great either; things I was used to planting in Missouri do not work here AT ALL. I'm at a loss...but next year I will try again!

Andrew B. Watt said...

A friend of mine declares with absolute certainty that one only gets to mess with the weather three times in your life without ill effects... but it seems to me that weather-working has got to be a critical part of any magician's stock-in-trade, or at least it probably used to be.

I'll do the Book of Common Prayer's prayer for rain shortly, asking for it for Colorado. You might even get it.

The ocelot said...

The last time I prayed for rain in Colorado, I woke up to two inches of water in my kitchen and living room. In Texas.

I leave these things to the experts among us.