Friday, October 19, 2012

Do not say my name!!!

C'mon say the Forbidden Name!!!
I will admit that it amuses me to a certain extent when someone quotes me, or talks about something that I have said, and does not link to the post which they are quoting from. It is even more amusing when they refuse to say my name, and refer to me as "another blogger." Especially, if I had linked to one of their blog posts--gee, I give you link love and you refer to me as just another blogger.

Nine times out of ten, it is because they are taking my statement out of context, and do not want their readers to know what the whole story was. (The tenth time, I presume, is just because my name is also the name of a demonic entity who will cover you with cat hair.)

Hint, it is better to not to mention my statement at all and pretend that it was never said, rather than offer a counterpoint to the statement that you are only using a couple lines from. People notice stuff like this, and it leads them to believe that none of us actually get along. It might also make people think that something is not kosher in Denmark.

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