Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zink is not selling to me

There are times I notice that I am not part of Robert Zink's target audience. Today is one of them. On his Golden Dawn Blog, he mentions a series of three day extensive Golden Dawn training sessions that is being set up for members of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

Three days...four sight-seeing...and he calls it "Golden Dawn Boot Camp."

And there is where I know that he is not selling to me (outside of the little fact that I have NEVER been a member of his Order)--I do not want to hear the terms "Boot Camp" and "Golden Dawn" in the same label. I am not even sure that I could handle them in the same sentence.

I have nothing against boot camps...well, sort of. I did spend in a boot camp-like setting. It was hard work, and I think that there was a touch of brain washing involved. As a group of people, we did sort of gel into an unit...except for the people who were naturally crooks. (Long story--ends with me standing up to a couple of bullies and me thinking "What's the worst that could happen? They beat the crap out of me? I have suffered worse in the last couple of weeks.")

Oh, let me be clear--it was Army Boot Camp!

I am sorry---having experienced boot camp, I do not want to relive it--ever--in any form--and especially not while trying to study Golden Dawn. Call me a wimp, a wiss, a nancy-boy, whatever--wild horses would not convince me to go to something called Golden Dawn Boot Camp.

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