Sunday, October 14, 2012

Proof that MDE has no readers

Here is the proof that some people want--look, I have no readers.
The cherry on the top of my bad weekend (long story...let's just say that one imagines that it will make someone happy...because me being a writer has to make someone upset) is the fact that Blogger is currently having an issue where the pagestats are all or mostly gone.

So as of this moment, if you believe the Blogger stats, this blog has only recieved a whole seventeen readers in its entire existence. I imagine that warms the cockels of someone's heart. Of course, if you think that you have read this blog more than seventeen times...well, you need to check yourself in for a mental health visit.

For my fellow and lady bloggers out there, Blogger is working ot fix the problem. They are making some progress--an hour ago, none of my blogs had any pageviews.

A screenshot of the message posted on the Known Issues page for Blogger.

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