Monday, October 8, 2012

I do not need to promote your stuff (open letter)

Today, I recieved one of those emails that makes one firmly believe that some people do not understand the Bill of Rights. Basically, I had someone complain because earlier this year, I choose not to promote their stuff. They are now up to the scream that says that I am denying them their right to free speech.

Let's be clear. The only person who has the right of free speech on a blog is the blogger(s) themselves. Everyone else is free to set up their own blog, fanpage, or website, publish their own ebooks and printed material. You have the freedom of speech (provided that you are not advocating crime) to say wherever you want on your own platform.

And me refusing to advertise your stuff is not denying you free speech. Let's be clear--you and I are rivals (more or less). You would refuse to advertise my events on your platform because it is not in your best interests to do so. I am merely making the same decision. You have your own platform to get the word out--use it. Quit trying to subvert my platform for your own purposes.

Have a nice day.

(For the record, there are some things that I do have to advertise--my wife's pottery is one of them. But let's be clear about the difference--her success affects a positive way. On that note, my wife has recently put up a brown [rust colored] mortar and pestle on her Etsy site.)

Brown mortar and pestle available on the Celtic Soul Etsy page.


Frater A.M. said...

Considering the amount of traffic theft that some people purposely steal by snipping from others and not providing links to the source, nor steering comments to the source venue & more often discouraging traffic to the IP holder... to then demand use of those venues is just bat shit freakin' crazy!

Morgan Eckstein said...

I know who you are thinking of, and it is not them--but it is the same type of tactics, so they could be twins.

Frater A.M. said...

I'm usually opposed to eugenics but who is allowing these people to breed! LOL!

Morgan Eckstein said...

I will admit that I expect the party that you are thinking of to start complaining that no one is advertising their efforts. Of course, they do not understand the first rule about getting "link love" which is that you have to provide "friendly" links and actually be polite to people. Then again, either does this other party.