Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dark Enochiana

Last night, one of my writer friends mentioned that someone was looking for Dark Enochiana material. Of course, my first question was "What the hell is Dark Enochiana?!" To which my friend responded, "Exactly, what I wondered."

Our best guess is that it must be Enochian magic that is ran though a big meat grinder turned by clowns to produce a darker, scary version of the Enochian system. Kind of like what one writer said about Enochian when he stated that the whole purpose of the Enochian system was to open the gates of hell and bring about the upcoming Christian apocalypse. You know the nasty say the spell, the walls start to bleed, and demons go out murdering people in the street type stuff. Kind of like Harry Potter for Satanists. As if we really need to darken up regular Enochian--they are not exactly the type of spirits that you invite over for tea; and there are plenty of humans killing one another as it is, so we don't really need to summon spirits for that purpose.

The closest that I have ever came to Dark Enochiana is doing extended workings with a spirit that the Christians have labeled a demon (which could be any pagan god or goddess for those of you playing at home), and I used some muddled Enochian when I wrote the chant to summon the evil Woden in my short story, Eye of the Storm (my sole contribution to the Cthulhu Mythos...well, so far). Either one qualifies me to write Dark Enochiana, but I am sure that some people will use these facts to call me a secret Christian and Satanist, instead of the British Traditional Wiccan and pagan that I actually am, and be absolutely positive that I am a Dark Enochianist to boot.

But heck, if there is a big enough market for this stuff, I am quite sure that me and my friend can hack some of it out. It is not like we actually have to make the spells work or even safe for that matter. Look at the success of the Necronomicon, after all--it is more myth than fact. It might be fun--much like teasing a cat with the red dot laser is. Of course, if we do, I am sure that both of us will hide our involvement behind pen-names...because this sounds only one step better than writing Christian Domestic Discipline erotica.


tree said...

i knew it!!!!! your a christian!!!and ill bet you a satanic member of the SRIA to boot!!!!

Scott Stenwick said...

Well, Donald Tyson did jump from writing about the "Enochian Apocalypse" straight into a whole line of Necronomicon nonsense. Maybe there's a connection.

blah said...

It's funny how when you say something people don't like you transform from being BTW to a satanist or consorting with mild mannered masons (the SRIA).