Sunday, July 9, 2017

Double standard on binding spells (yes, I said that)

A comment I made about Griffin deciding to become a lightning rod to protect President Trump, and the loss of a dog by someone who should have known better than venture out in hundred plus weather for a nature hike:

This so-called “communist leaning” magician and witch can’t help but notice that all the global binding and liberation rituals that Griffin has done over the years have been perfectly ok, but once we started picking on his choice for President, global binding rituals became the tool of assassination and black enslaver magic. I do feel sorry for the dog–if it would have been me, I would have died out in the desert along with my dog–but then again, I am an evil tree-hugging communist witch. By the way, more people voted for Hillary, so I am not so sure that the will of the American people is to be abused by Trump, who only cares about his ego and funneling government money into his businesses. If we actually go by the standard that the President can do whatever he wants, then no one should have gotten upset by what Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon did–but we did–and we all know how Griffin feels about the Clintons. In some weird alternate timeline, the greatest Golden Dawn leader ever is busy running a monthly binding spell to prevent Hillary Clinton from doing more damage to the American people.

[Curious about brought this comment on? You can read the article on Watchers of the Dawn that reported on this incident. And you can read the script to this totally evil spell that the greatest Golden Dawn wizard and his Witch Queen wife consider the greatest act of black magic since Dion Fortune's Order protected Britain from the Nazis.] 

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Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Another double standard I noticed is that "Communists are bad" and so are "debt slaves."