Friday, July 28, 2017

Sympathy for Super Magician (death threats aplenty)

Every once in awhile, someone tells me that I should not be making jokes about the world's greatest living Adept and all-around-knows-everything-about-all-things-occult-sign-up-for-my-course-today and the bestest magical hero in the entire history of the world, the one and only David Griffin, proud Rosicrucian Imperator of HOGDOOROAO (or something like that--it is a really long name for an esoteric Order).

Often when I ask why, I get told:

"He gets death threats, and people are trying to kill him constantly, and you know that he must be working on the side of Light and good and evolving the human race because otherwise he won't be getting these threats, and people would not be trying to kill him!!!"

And my response tends to be--have you actually seen the death threats, or merely heard him claim that he is getting them? Have you actually been present during an assassination attempt, or merely heard him tell those tales?

Now if this cat was involved, I might believe it.
Let me be clear--this man claims to have gotten more death threats than the number of cats I own--and that is just one day's worth. And this has been going on for a decade at least--or so, he claims.

And while I understand how one might hate him, because he is such a charming man, so worthy of respect, so decent, so pure...

And I think that he is a proud fascist...
...who eagerly looks forward to killing those who disagree with him.
...I am not so sure that he is getting actual death threats.

In fact, I think that he might be the greatest writer of occult fiction alive today.

Or to be blunt, I think that he is making it all up.

For instance, look at the buildup to the latest death threat. In an act of principle, the man who encouraged talk of armed militias marching on Washington if Hillary Clinton won, has decided to protect a President who might have been put in office by Russian hackers poisoning the minds of voters, and who seems to be as unstable as my mother without meds---because a strong arm President is a good thing because of evil people trying to destroy the country, and because binding spells are black magic! And he did this by turning himself and his wife into lightning rod poppets.

And to endear himself to the magicians and witches doing the binding, he has told them that their political opinions do not matter (because Trump won...even if the Russians did poison the voter pool); and that anyone who disagrees with his political opinions that all Muslims and non-white immigrants should be arrested, jailed, and deported (even those who are citizens of the USA), that global warming is a hoax, and that America should not ever enter any treaties with any foreign governments, that Hillary Clinton and Obama should be arrested and shot, is a traitor to the United States.

Let me repeat that--if you disagree with his political views, then he considers you a traitor to the United States. 

And he looks forward to the "fascist death squads" who are going to kill the evil black magic using magicians and witches. He also looks forward to hanging these people like the traitors they are.

Welcome to Banana Republic South American Africa Stalin Era politics where speaking out against a politician makes you a traitor who is going to get shot by a death squad.

And the magical hero of the hour is the great and mighty David Griffin, proud fascist.

We know that he is a proud fascist because my latest crime is that I am an Antifa (which I had to look up to figure out what he was accusing me of)--something that sounds remarkably like saying someone is an enemy because they are against Nazis and Neo-Nazis, and other forms of strong arm governments.

And this great battle is happening on the astral plane with him guarding the Liberty Tree from those who might be using a binding spell as a way to get out a political message...because if you don't believe in the same wacky policies as he does, you are a traitor who does not deserve freedom of speech, or for that matter--life itself.

So watch: Magical Hero, Astral Liberty Tree, and Antifas.....and you get a death threat today from Astral Antifas--the strangest thing about is that the initials of which is A.A.....the same as an organization formed by a person that David Griffin considers the biggest traitor in the history of the occult.

I am sorry, but I think I see the fingerprints of a creative writer here.

If he is not outright lying and making up the death threat, then he at the very least was begging for an Astral Antifa to say, "Screw you!"

And this is a man who called a tire falling off the back of a truck an assassination attempt, despite the fact that anyone who worked near the shipping and construction industries could tell you that stuff falling off trucks driving down the road is a daily f**king occurrence.

He is also the man who insists that anyone who dares disagrees with him online is a paid troll working for the intelligence services involved in destroy his Order.

Plus he purposely misread a joke a few years ago--a list of occultists-who-no-one-will-weep-over-when-they-die--as proof that the creators of the list were actually hiring assassins to bump him off.

So you think I should believe someone who keeps telling the same story over and over and over again that his life is in danger because he is the greatest occultist ever?

Well, let me buy you a hint. If someone really wanted him dead, there would be no threats; it would not be rigged to look like an accident; and it would not be done with magic. No, it was be a bomb or a rifle shot, and it would be over before he could blink.

No, what you are watching is nothing more than a string of fictitious conspiracy theories, peppered with evil black magic using traitorous liberals (oh, the horrors of liberals!!), and fake death threats from his imaginary enemies. And it is all about you giving him sympathy and applause for being such a great magician that the enemies of humanity must destroy him at all costs. Now go join his Order, and buy his course, and join his astral militia, and rub yourself all over as you get hot and steamy over being a foot solider in his great crusade to liberate you from the opinions of people who disagree with him.

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