Monday, July 3, 2017

My most disliked video (Happy Fourth of July 'Merica)

Last year on the Fourth of July, I filmed a bit about binding the evil Donald Trump. The video came about because I was already talking about how this man was going to be a Presidential train wreck--please remember that I was one of the few bloggers that thought that he was going to be elected--and had already starting kicking around the idea that the only way that we could avoid him from doing major harm was a binding spell (or some very loud protests and the other parts of the government telling him, NO!!!).

This was the subject of several conversations, with each one becoming more silly from my end because I thought that it would be a marvelous bit of witty and entertaining political satire. One of my friends offered to film it....probably so I would shut up about the idea.

So on the Fourth of July last year, I did the most American thing that you can do--complain about a politician that I hated. On film. And then I posted it on YouTube because my wife won't let me keep a printing press in the living room. Welcome to the modern Liberty Tree.

I know that some are horrified that I choose a modern social media platform to make jokes about politics. Many of the horrified applaud President Trump use of Twitter to post jokes about how he would like to slam news reporters to the ground. Can you say Double Standard? I knew you could.

It is ok for "conservatives" to say whatever they want, but heaven a liberal speaks their mind.
After we filmed the bit, I posted it...because I could (freedom of speech and the freedom of the press!). A few crickets watched it. A couple of humans down-thumbed it and left what I assume was supposed to be witty comments. Then we all forgot it because it was obviously political satire written and performed by a Wiccan in Golden Dawn.

Even after Trump won, proving a prediction that I made two Presidential election cycles before true, I assumed that the Bind Trump bit would remain unwatched forever. And then Trump the President started to act exactly like Trump the Reality TV Star, something else I predicted.

At a certain point, some witches and magicians came up with the idea of binding Trump. I was so not involved--despite the video evidence--mainly because I was too busy huddling in a corner with one of my cats waiting for the first flash of nuclear weapons being launched. (If Trump is not the President that nukes us all back to the Stone Age, then America's first female President, Sarah Palin will--either way, we are all going to glow in the dark.)

I was at the local occult store when a friend walked up and asked me if I heard about the global binding ritual that was being planned. I said, no--they sent me a link.

The very next day, someone blogged about the ritual (not me!)--and suddenly, my forgotten comedy bit was resurrected on YouTube, complete with more dislikes and negative comments.

Now, there are some who feel that I should listen to the negative comments and take my video down...I assume that they are Trump fans who can't handle the idea that someone may actually loathe their favorite politician. Instead, it amuses me to realize that this comedic bit is my most disliked (thumbed down) video on YouTube.

How disliked?

Well, for a video that only accounts for less than a tenth of my views (8% if you are curious), fourth most watched (thanks to those looking for videos about the global binding ritual), third in overall watch time, and my eighth best earner, it is amazing that it accounts for almost fifty percent of my overall dislikes on YouTube.

And it is not just Americans who dislike it, citizens from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Latvia, and Norway also dislike it. Norway? Really, Norway? What do you know--I am an internationally disliked political comedian.
But never fear USA--you are still number one in disliking it.
You know you have a hit when your level of dislikes is this disproportional to the number of views. 
Now, I know that there are some critics of mine who believe that I should not be this amused by dislikes and negative comments. These critics forget that I wanted to be a newspaper columnist in the humor/political section. Dislikes and poison ink letters are just part of the trade. Of course, I assume that the real reason that they dislike the video is that Trump talk of getting rid of all the colored people, having all the poor people die from the lack of healthcare, and all those sweet, sweet tax breaks for the filthy rich, gives them a woody--it is either that or they rolled a critical IQ failure.

If you are not a member of the one percenters [1%], and you still think that the Trump's presidency is going to improve your life, you need to get checked out for brain damage. Either that, or you are a bigot who is turned on by his and your own bigotry. Nothing that his administration has done bodes well for the poor of any color, including white people. So you can rage all you like about me being unfair to Trump, and I am not going to change my mind any more than you are going to.

And now for your viewing displeasure, my most disliked video. Keep the negative comments coming!

Are you an evil witch or magician who thinks that Trump is going to turn us all into radioactive clouds of orange cheeto dust? Consider taking part in the global monthly waning crescent moon ritual to bind the actions of President Donald J. Trump.

For full text of Global Binding Ritual of Trump, click here. 

Dates for future Global Bind Donald J. Trump rituals 


July 21; August 19; September 18; October 17; November 16; December 16

For a full list of future Bind Trump dates, click here.

A magical sigil being used by some to bind Trump.

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