Monday, July 24, 2017

Super magician issues magical call to arms (lets hang those traitors)

David Griffin and his Witch Queen wife have issued a call for a magical militia to protect the freedoms that we enjoy in the United States.

Yes, that's right--you can join them and protect America freedom by meeting them at the astral Liberty Tree at midnight on July 25th.

Protect liberty for all unless...

You are a journalist--f**k you, you don't deserve freedom.

A Satanist--remember that Freedom of Religion bit in the Constitution? F**k you, you don't deserve freedom.

A witch who does not believe that the Threefold Law actually applies to you. F**k you for noticing that it is not a real karmic universal law and that you can do whatever you want to. Why are you not a slave to the rules that your witchy leaders put into the system to control you. F**k you for thinking that "harm none" applied to protecting people from a politician gone mad (and don't you dare read what the story actually says--because all witches forever and ever have honored the political rulers of the lands they live in--f**k you if you remember the teachings of Wicca and witchcraft differently than we do).

A daemonolator--f**k you for using demons for anything--and pay no attention to the lore of countless magicians and witches before you that said that demons could be used for something other than evil. (And f**k you if you seem to think that I once said that the qlippoth is the root of the Tree of Life, and that a magician had to learn to use those forces.) And f**k you if you remember that Christians turned your gods and goddesses into demons to destroy your freedom to worship the Old Gods.

Banks--f**k you for making us all wage slaves--we will get you m*****f***ers. 

Dislike Trump and what he is doing. F**k you, he is properly elected, and you don't deserve the freedom to express your dislike of him, especially if it takes the form of a binding ritual that those traitorous journalists are amused by.

Liberty for all, except these bad people!!!!

(And please ignore how we totally agreed that gun owners should march on Washington if Hillary Clinton won...because guns!! and militias!! and we are great leaders!!! Hillary deserved to be hanged because she was a liberal traitor just like you are. And we consider it act of treason if you voted for her, so f**k you.)

Yes, we will hang you someday like the traitors you are...because you are exercising freedoms that we believe you are using for evil purposes of enslaving humanity. Forget that you live in America and the Constitution says that you have a right to do these things. And don't you dare comment that once the government makes it illegal to perform black magic, that we will be burning on the stake right next to you--because we are patriots and you are traitors. How dare you exercise your freedoms without the express permission of the greatest Rosicrucian Imperator and Witch Queen to ever live.

Did we say f**k you? F**k you for pointing out our double standard on the issue of freedom. Just f**k you and your misuse of your freedoms!!!

Nice going--you scared my cat.

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