Friday, March 5, 2010

Divination: Why I hate being right

Earlier today, I had a friend call me. "You were right," she said. After I figured out what she was talking about (my brain was still editing a webpage detailing the official lodge position on Thelema), I made that noise I occasionally make (the one that makes it sound like I am chewing on a cog---sort of a grinding teeth noise combined with a sigh).

I did not want to be right. I hoped that I was wrong. I hoped that I was wrong so much that I did not pull out my Tarot cards or any other ritual props.

It is one thing to be right about the future when you don't care about the outcome. It is another thing to be right about a situation when you actually care about one or more of the people that the outcome affects.

Occasionally being right about a situation hurts because of the pain that others are feeling.

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