Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Looking for goats to sacrifice

Today, in the Medieval Europe history class, the subject of religion came up. This is to be expected; after all, we were discussing the Church and heresy. In the interests of being fair, the professor stated that he was aware that there were some non-Christians in the room, and he also mentioned his own beliefs. Then he noted that he sometimes wished that he could ask his students what they believed.

At this point, the class clown spoke up and said, "I am a goat sacrifing pagan. Do I need to say more?"

And yes, I am the class clown. I am also hoping that I came across as a harmless kook.

After class, the professor and I were talking, along with other student. And the professor asked me if I prefered "Live or dead goats?"

I answered (without missing a beat) that I prefered mine in pastry form.

He laughed that I probably did----I think he might have noticed the number of cupcakes I buy from the various school club fund raisers.

But this got me to thinking about something that I need to find.

I need to find either a goat shaped cake pan, or goat shaped cookie cutter. If you know where I can get one, please leave an address in the comment section. Thanks.

*drooling* "Goat shaped pastries..."


fionnulaharp said...

Many years ago, there was a Scottish period recreation group at the Renaissance Festival here. We were gifted a goat -- they even butchered it for us. We had goat stew as one of our afternoon meals one day and the management got hysterical. According to them, goat stew is satanic. I think someone has been reading too much in to their old Rolling Stones albums.

Solitary Dawn said...

That's from Germany but you asked for a link:

in LVX

Solitary Dawn said...

That's from Germany but you asked for a link:


Solitary Dawn said...

well here is the english version of the page - sometimes opening teh eyes helps...