Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last night's Open Full Moon Ritual

Last night, I attended the Open Full Moon Ritual hosted by Hearthstone Community Church. For me, it was a red letter day; after all, this ritual had been inspired by one of my newsletter articles.

Now, I will admit walking into the ritual, I wasn't sure that I wanted any credit (blame) for the ritual. I had other people be inspired by my actions, people that I wish would not say that fact out loud.

There was also the fact that the current article arc is building towards what I plan on doing at the June 2010 OFM. There was a slight fear that I might have to revise part of my ritual plan. (I will be revising the ritual, for I am going to borrow an idea.)

Now, I wasn't too worried. I knew that there was a good chance that I would find the ritual acceptable considering who was doing it (Cynthia and Arynne). And they are more wicca oriented than I am; plus I am doing something that I have seen done publically before, so I figure that I was safe from both grief and revision.

What they came up with was very nice. They had a lot of interaction with the audience (attendees). And they came up with some new ways of doing stuff (I have never seen a circle cast that way before---I must remember that idea). My only complaint is the standard choppiness that all public rituals seem to have (you lose energy everytime that you stop to explain something---it is a standard problem that I have yet to discover a good solution to). Overall, I am very happy with the fact that I helped inspire that ritual.

Oh, and on the news front, Hearthstone Community Church is trying to make sure that next year (2011) that they present twelve different styles of ritual over the course of the year (which is actually the ideal, though for the last couple of years, there have been groups that have done more than one ritual per year). The slots will be filling up fast if this year is any indication. By the way, Bast Temple has already spoken for the June 2011 OFM.

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