Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My own experience with invisibilty

The subject of invisibility had cropped in a couple of places on the internet lately, so perhaps I should share the little experience I have with the subject.

(For the record, the reason I kept silent when Pat Zalewski recently stated his opinion was simply the fact that I heard someone else say something really inane on the subject a few years ago. After hearing their opinion, it takes a lot to get me to step forward and say anything about the subject. What Pat said was nothing in comparsion to this another opinion.)

For the record, I have not tried the full-blown Z operation for invisibility (another reason to remain silent). What I have tried is more in line with the "Do not notice me" or "I am someone else's problem" school of invisibilty. My results for the most part might be completely delusional; after all, it is impossible to field-test this under strict scientific conditions.

(Since then, I had a few choice tidbits fall into my lap...but considering I have not the time to test them yet, who really knows if they are tidbits or just more crackpot theories.)

Some of my results may also be pure paranoia. For instance, after doing some of this work, I thought that drivers had a hard time seeing me for quite some time. I never had so many people try to run me over in my entire life in the space of a couple of weeks...and cell phones were not common yet (at the time, they were still pretty big and almost no one had them). But it may just be paranoia and not an actual result.

I learned not to "go invisible" when someone I did not want to talk to had not noticed me yet, but was in line-of-sight of me...for some reason, they could see me instantly if I tried. On the other hand, if someone passed between us, I could "go invisible" and not be troubled at all.

I have noticed that a lot of people do not notice my presence whan I am "deep in my own world."

The strangest story I have to tell involves the grocery store and a week that I had very little time to mediate. I have learned to mediate in less than ideal conditions; much like a cat I can keep a partial eye on the world while deep in my own ponderings. (Ok, it is not mediation if your mind is not a complete blank...I know, I know.) Anyway, I am resting my brain while keeping one eye on the cashier. (No matter how I tell this story, someone is going to say that I am in the wrong...hence why I did not share it on Martin's forum.) Finally, I get to the front of the line. Suddenly the guy behind me is screaming, "Where did you come from? Did you just cut in front of me?" The cashier, bless his soul, looked at the guy and told him that I had been there all along.

Make of that story what you will. For me, I associate it with invisibility because this was around the same time that I had been experimenting with this particular subject. Obviously, if the cashier saw me, then I was not invisible. I am not sure how to explain the guy behind me in the line, but I do have a few theories. If you have a theory to share, please leave it in the comment section.


aprilenchanted said...

The matrix of the Universe doesn't understand Do Not. It only understands See Me. Better to work with I Am Invisible.

Sincerus Renatus... said...

I was thinking about the Invisibility Z-formula a couple of days ago when driving a whole day in the country side. I was glad that I wasn't doing any invisibility operations as I obviously like drivers to see me.

I have done a invisibility ritual in a group setting, according to the Z-2, years ago. Did it work? According to the spoken intention, yes. I blieve so. But the down side of it is that few people can receive and hold the "Divine Darkness" (N.O.X.), the powers of Binah, etc.

At the time of the operation I wasn't, which resulted in a really bad case of the so-called "Dark Night of the Soul" syndrome. I was completely at a loss. I lost orientation in my life.

Luckily, I was the only one who had to bear this burden. I almost didn't recover from it. I would think twice before I perform it again.

The Invisibility formula manipulates the aura or sphere of sensation of the individual (or the egregore in a group setting). It affects people differently, obviously reading from your example.

My guess is that people with their feet in the ground and consciousness at the level of the psysical senses, aren't that affected by it. But perhaps people of a more dreamy kind, introverted characters, who pay more attention to their thoughs and fantasies (i.e. the astral) is more "glamored" by any form of magic, such as the invisibility formula.

Or perhaps the Jedi are right. The force works more on the weak minded ;-)

In Licht, Leben und Liebe

Niall MacSiúrtáin said...

Sounds like a lot of my own experimentations with various forms of telepathy and empathy. Most magical/spiritual practices would explain such phenomena by way of the Collective Unconscious.

I wonder what someone with a background in metaphysics would say in terms of brain chemistry and neurology. Is some 'signal' being sent out that others can recognize? Not really sure I'm willing to build a whole philosophy around it all myself but certainly worth asking the question.

Solitary Dawn said...

Hi Morgan,

well I am lazy and so you may excuse me when I copy paste a comment I just made at Dean’s blog regarding the same issue.

“Well personally I do not believe that any formula would create real literal invisibility. The effect created may be similar to the “Graue Maus” effect (as we say in German – I see that wikipedia offers “Plain Jane” as a related term in English – the related text though does not explain the German term properly). We all may know the situation while being at a party, suddenly we recognize that person saying “oh since when are you here, haven’t seen you the whole evening” while that person claims having been there all night long just in front of us… As it was already said, I believe that a change of the Aura/Sphere of Sensation etc causes this change. As much as someone can attract attention, one is able to “distract” attention (not sure that works but you know what I mean). Pat said that Regardie mentioned that someone saw him flicker while performing the Z-2 formula. He also said that when he mentioned this to a circle of Whare Ra peeps, they were all laughing. Well what more to add to that – although, you never know what is possible within the impossible. And who am I claiming to be in the possession of the final and eternal truth…”

As I tried to indicate, I do believe that there is a way to interfere with or manipulate our visibility towards others in the sense of being present for them. I am far away from having any explanation how exactly that works. Niall raises an interesting question in that respect. Maybe in the way our subconscious is able to send out signals meaning “talk to me” or “I want you NOW”, it sends out signals like “ignore me” which then are taken by other people’s subconscious mind which causes them to ignore our actual presence (instead of finding us just uninteresting to talk to), whatever happens in our brains when we do that. I mean we all work with energies surrounding us, focussing them, (re-)directing them etc. If we believe in that, we have no reason to doubt that on that level, there is an exchange of energies by sending/receiving signals, that can cause such an effect. The ritual as such may just work as a transmitter and “amplifier”. But that may be too simple.



Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Oh, I so understand copying and pasting...I do it myself when I am about to say the exact same thing that I have already said elsewhere.

I have actually experienced the "When did you get here? Really?! You got here when? I haven't seen you all night" routine.