Monday, March 29, 2010

My friends also do this

A Roman visiting Corfu was sitting in a bar when they saw a strange man walking down the street. The man was dressed in a white robe and wearing a nemyss, and around his neck hang a gold cross with a red rose in the center. In one hand, he carried a long multi-colored stick with a white lotus flower on the end; his other hand he held with forefinger pressed tightly to his lower lip as he walked along. All the people in the street ignored him and went about their business.

The Roman asked the barman what that was all about and the barman said ,“Shhh, that is Aleister Crowley; he thinks he is invisible.” The Roman asked, “Why is everyone pretending that he is?” The barman said, “Have you ever spoken to Aleister Crowley? It is much better that we pretend we can't see him.... besides he might want to read us some of his poetry if we notice him."

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