Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dont care about the state of your soul

This is one of those full disclosure updates type of things.

Quite simply, I do not care about my reader's souls.

Proof? I have not been approving comments from Christians who believe that all magicians and witches should give up magic and return to the arms of Christ.


My personal belief is that Jesus was a magician, that he would have willingly sat down to have dinner with witches, and that he was not the messiah. Furthermore, I do not believe that he would have condemned me, or any other witch or magician to harsh punishments (including imprisonment, stoning, burning at the stake, and banishment to the worst locations in the afterlife).

(And no, I do not consider it necessary to be a Christian to be a member of the RC---go figure.)

And yes, I am well aware that makes me an evil person.


Robert said...

Odd. In all my years of blogging, I have never received such an email or comment. In fact, I can think of only two or three comments that I haven't approved due to rudeness of any type. I have always been grateful for and confused by this.

Rufus Opus said...

Morgan, you forgot to add that you are ALSO going to hell.

Which is still better than Greeley.

Nick Farrell said...

What happens when you realise that you ARE the Christos?? Do you forgive the Christians?
Actually I have had no Christians offering to pray for me... I guess I am a lost cause. Also my six years of solid bible study tends to annoy them (such types really hate facts).

Fr. A. said...

I have been considering posting some material on Yeshu as an antinomian practitioner of the dark Arts (for which he is condemned in the Talmud). In Sabbatianism, we consider him the "qliphah" of the Messiah. That being said, I get some of the most bizarre email and such from the whole ultra-conspiracy oriented evangelical crowd, i.e. "American Fascists". And I have proudly received hate mail from Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Pagans alike! But the vast majority being from Evangelical types.

Anonymous said...

There was a good comedian named Bill Hicks who is sadly now past on but he once said...( and I paraphrase)
"I was leaving a show and was approached by some gentlemen who said they were offended by my jokes about christianity and wanted to kick my ass and were about to. I asked them if they were christians and they said they were. So I told them "If you're real christians then forgive me" and I walked away."


J.C. said...

Wow. You for some reason seem to have a cult following of people who want to post to your blog in ways you don't like. I would personally find it quite entertaining, but (and not that I have a very large following on my blog) I only have the occasional very weird responses that I decided are probably from very delusional drug addicts.