Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ongoing Bast Temple website problems

As some of you know, Bast Temple has been experiencing some major website issues.

The issues started during the worst part of semester...and considering that this turned out to be the worst semester ever for me, well, I could have just plotzed. Now that the semester is over, and I have two seconds to try to fix the problems, I realize that the problems are going to take some time to fix.

Therefore, for awhile, Bast Temple is not going to have a regular website. Well, we have one, it is just that the problems prevent anyone from actually getting to it...even if they know the exact address of it.

So my temporary solution is to put up a blog for Bast Temple. I figure that way people (eventually after the search engines find it) will still be able to find information about the lodge and be able to contact us if they are interested in Denver membership.

It is time like these that I wish that I belonged to one of the Big Name Orders who could throw money at problems like these.

So if anyone is interested, the new Bast Temple blog is located here (click).


Josef said...

Hi Morgan

I've juut checked, and there is a problem with the domainname lookup for

Get your webmaster or you can yourself contact your hosting company ( and report the fault. There isn't anything to be done from the user end of things.

It's a DNS lookup fault that their tech guys will resolve. No need to spend money. There are enough tech guys in the GD to help out.



Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

It started out as a hosting service move (not by choice). Each step in the process has been taking over 72 hours to work its way through the system...and the final step in the instructions was written wrong which created an even bigger problem. I am not holding my breath to be able to resolve it quickly.

And honestly, the lodge should have a backup site/blog...and its my fault that ti did not have one sooner.

Josef said...

Hi Morgan

I now notice that Google can no longer see

This confirms that there is something wrong with the domainname registration, which the Hosting company should fix. The name has not expired so is still valid. It probable doesn't know where to point to if you've changed your provider, and the record hasn't been updated.

Best wishes