Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Structure of esoteric Order and lodge egregores

Structure of the Egregores of Esoteric Orders & Lodges
One of the things that I am doing this summer, besides cobbling together collections of previously written fiction (such as Shakespeare's Monkey) and hacking out more fiction, is slowly cranking out the material necessary to get the Three Officer Version of the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ritual back in print. As many of you know, at a certain point, Lulu decided to change the rules for the type of cover I had on it, and I suddenly needed to add 46 more pages.

Part of the additional material I am thinking of including is a brief summary of the energetic structure of egregores. Or maybe, it will be a stand-alone article (really short ebook). I haven't decided yet.

Of course, there will be a horde of people saying that I know nothing about the subject, but what else will be new? Oh, the fact that they will point out that I only write about the occult to make money. Sadly, I have yet to figure out how any occult writer actually makes money writing about the occult. Maybe, I am little slow in the head.

Anyway, I thought that perhaps my regular readers would like to see the (oh so bad, gee, I do not know one side of the pencil from the other) illustration I was thinking of using for the material that I am writing on the structure of esoteric egregores. Click on the picture to embiggen it.


Peregrin said...

Hi Morgan,

thanks for this post. I look forward to the Lulu book :)

This is a very interesting diagram, very cool indeed. I am going to go home later and ponder this muchly.

Now of course, since the name of the jpg has "blog version" in it, we know you are holding something back! :) Thanks

S. J. Reisner || Audrey Brice || S. Connolly said...

I don't think anyone makes money just writing occult books. All the occult authors I know who have any prominence usually have a day job and/or make money teaching classes or seminars. Or if their primary career is writing, they make money writing other-than-occult books. Though admittedly I've managed to make a few thousand a year doing it (which barely compensates me for the time I actually put into it, but then we don't write books like that for money - it's a labor of love). The little bit of compensation we do get is well deserved. :) BTW - I love your diagram.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ToL diagram, worthly of reflection. I make more more in a week part-time than a year writing. Even the more successful occult authors I hear make only a few thousand a year from their books. If you want to make liveable money from writing, then probably fiction that can be turned into a movie. Cheers.