Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spectrum of secrecy

One of the ways to view the entire concept of secrecy is to look at as a spectrum.

On one end, we have the most extreme view of secrecy, where secrecy is absolute and nothing can ever be revealed. And on the other end, the other extreme of secrecy and how it is dealt with is an utter disregard for secrecy.

In between these two points, there are lots of positions and takes on the matter of secrecy. Exactly what position is the correct one is open to least, the matter is open to debate in my opinion.

My own view of secrecy has changed over the years and probably will continue changing with additional experience. My personal position is someplace between the two extremes, and is unlikely to hit either end of the secrecy spectrum.

And no, I do not consider it anyone's business (outside of the membership of my local lodge) which middle position that I view as the current postion.

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Andrew B. Watt said...

Someone once told me that Crowley had said, "Protect the mysteries: reveal them as often as possible."

I've never been a big Crowley reader, so I've never found the quotation, but it seems a) like something he'd say, given how little I know about the man, and b) like a useful aphorism. The more I discuss magic, the more practitioners I find. It's been akin to Albert Schweitzer's remark about African witchdoctors, though: He called them his "esteemed medical colleagues." None of the people I've found do the same practices, but we recognize one another as fellow travelers.