Monday, May 28, 2012

The Return of Robert Zink

Secret Chiefs know the shocking truth about levitation.
Catching up on my blog reading (I took a couple of days off to deal with a magical project), I ran across a post called The SHOCKING Truth about Robert Zink and the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

Now, if you have been around the blogosphere, especially the Golden Dawn blogs, for longer than a couple of weeks (month at most), you know that the titles,

Amazing Truth
Shocking Truth
Truth Unveiled
Amazing Secret
Astonishing Truth

and all their variations, are someone claiming to be better than someone else (who just happens to be a fraud and a bigger crook than Nixon) and a thinly veiled advertisement for themselves and their Order or amazing product line.

Or maybe that is just the happy little cynic in me that believes this. I really should do a data analysis of this trend to see if I am right or not. Let's presume that I am right.

The post by Robert Zink fell into the regular pattern. The response by the party that he was talking about, David Griffin and his HOGD/AO will also repeat the regular pattern. Which will lead to another post by Zink, followed by another post by Griffin, and the world will keep turning around and around.

A bigger shocking least to the fact that Robert Zink is still around. The long time readers of my blog will remember that just over a year ago there was a big ruckus in the EOGD. Personally, I am not shocked that Zink is still around--I predicted that he was going to still be in the Golden Dawn universe. But some people actually believed that it was truly the end of Robert Zink...and they claimed credit for ending his reign.

But I thought that we would see the return of Robert Zink. It was a happy little cynic prediction.

(Feel free to go read the post about Zink's expulsion last year and grade me on my predictive abilities.)

It seemed to be a safe prediction. Much like predicting that sooner or later, all non HOGD/AO parties will be tarred and feathered as enemies of the physical Third Order. Or that my next blog post will have a picture of a cat complete with a Secret Chief caption. Or that a post claiming to reveal a shocking truth will end with an advertisement for the poster's own and much better secret Order.


Nemesis said...

Zink is back because he finally been able to make bail. He was arrested at Christmas for beating up his latest teenage girlfriend.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

And here I thought that he was quietly rebuilding to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

Unknown said...

This is an outright lie by this person commenting.
I have never in my adult life been in Jail for anything whatsoever.
BTW...Great Blog!

zingdominator said...

Actually, Robert didn't go to jail. He used one of his nine lives to narrowly miss out on that, his girlfriend did indeed sustain some injuries and felt driven to attempt suicide, was hospitalized, and posted publicly about it on her Facebook page. Some of her relatives and friends comments included things like "Get away from Robert and come home."

Not the first time Robert has been involved in domestic problems. Draw your own conclusions over whether he should be in jail or not...

Unknown said...

I find it odd how these people keep changing their stories. They seem to move from one lie to another. No, I have not been involved in a domestic dispute. My girlfriend at the time had been in the psychic ward a year earlier in Dallas with her old boyfriend. I did not know until we got together that she has a history of checking into and out of mental wards. Apparently she has attempted taking of her own life several times in the past before we met. Her attempt was a cry for professional mental health treatment. She got it but likely needs more. I have no record of domestic or any other kind of violence or abuse. This is not where I put my energy. I hope we can move past the lies by people who hide behind names like Zingdominator

zingdominator said...

Robert says everybody lies about him all the time. He may even believe that's true, and perhaps some of it is. I do find it interesting that everybody who ever left the EOGD for the last two decades said the same things over and over again about the experience they had. There are a lot of these people and their comments are easy to find all over the net. I don't think there is another practioner in any community with as many pages of complaints that are all pretty much the same. I guess they all check with each other maybe? I find Robert's comments about Shannon interesting since he praised her as a goddess, and the ex before her as a harlot on another blog here. You have to scroll down to read the comments, but all of the evidence is here. Are ALL these people lying? What about the post about Shannon that Robert put there himself? Are those untrue as well? Does that mean he is lying too?

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I am not sure how much weight I would place on comments made by anonymous commentors.