Wednesday, May 30, 2012

If America invented Golden Dawn

Secret Chief Wisdom #76: The American flag makes a wonderful bed for one's massive ego.
Today, someone (let's call him George Washington) made a comment that got me thinking about something: Exactly what would Golden Dawn look like if it had been an American invention?

First off, there would be absolutely no chance that what George Washington is fighting for, his ideal of what Golden Dawn is, would be what the Americans would have invented. No, it would be something very different.

I can't imagine that an American Golden Dawn would have paid much attention to any esoteric tradition that started on the European continent, nor anywhere else before 1776. The whole idea that wisdom is handed down guru to guru is alien to the American idea that anyone can rise up to the greatest of heights of power. And if there would be anything about a secret tradition, it would be like the image of the noble Red Indian as used in the fraternal societies; images used to prop up the American myth of independence and freedom.

There would be no national Order, not alone a international Order. No, very state would have its own little Grand Lodge. Cross the state line and you are in a different jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the emphasis on lodge attendence would be non-existent. No, you would recieve all your lessons through the post office. (My proof of this is BOTA and AMORC.) As long as you keep sending in your dues, you keep recieving the weekly lesson. The oral tradition would be completely absent.

An American Golden Dawn would supply you with decent health insurance at a reasonable rate. There would be lots of networking opportunities for those looking for employment and business deals.

An American Golden Dawn would be deep in spiritiualism. Table tapping, ring and disc, and seances would be the height of American Golden Dawn spiritual techniques, and the magical tools would be straight out of Pennslyvania Dutch hexcraft. Everything would be clothed in the Bible; there would not be an Egyptian god in sight, not even in the Adept Extemptus material.

In an American Golden Dawn, all officers would be elected. The budget and membership figures would be known by all members. We would also have Golden Dawn license plate holders for our expensive cars.

And best of all, the Zelator Grade initiation would not cause the initiate to have financial and health hardships. No, America is about money; both the Law of Attraction and the Master Key System are American inventions. Heck, making money would be the height of the American Golden Dawn system (again, I point to BOTA and AMORC as proof--though it should be noted that I read the material through the eyes of a happy little cynic). Spiritual development? Magical development? These are only necessary if they help you earn more money and take it to heaven when you die.

The only thing that George Washington has right is the fact that an American Golden Dawn would have a Grand Lodge (the Nevada Grand Lodge of the Righteous Golden Dawn) in Las Vegas, which is the symbol of what Americans most want--money, sex, drugs, and lots of gambling.

Sorry, but Golden Dawn, just like Wicca, is a British invention. There is no way that those two systems could have developed anywhere else in the world.

If you feel differently, please go to the blog of George Washington and leave your comments there; after all, his massive ego can handle the attention of being told that he is absolutely right.


Fr. A. said...

The Magickal Weapons would be Weapons!

Mostly Colt large caliber handguns...

And the Adepti would arrive on Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

The Eucharist would involve large quantities of draft beer.

The Banner of the West would read "Don't tread on me".

The Banner of the East would read "Free Beer".

And John Lee Hooker would be a Secret Chief.

Bashmu the Oracle said...

What - through the perspective of your happy little cynical eyes - led you to believe that A.M.O.R.C. and B.O.T.A. hold making money as the highest value?

Anonymous said...

Your description of what American Golden Dawnism would be like describes American Freemasonry very well. I'm not a Mason but I have friends who are and they make these exact points. I disagree with your assessment of B.O.T.A. as holding to the idea of making money as a highest value though. While it is true that you get your lessons in B.O.T.A. when you pay your dues (which are fairly reasonable in cost - not any more expensive than Masonic or GD dues), the focus on the teachings have little to do with making money. Only the first seven (or eight) lessons even speak of practical methods of manifesting material goals. The rest of the lessons focus mostly on the Tarot Keys (exhaustively) and the Tree of Life, and making spiritual alchemical changes in one's consciousness, without anything in there about manifesting money.

Fr. A. said...

Although I am no longer a regular Mason. I believe Freemasonry (including American Freemasonry) to be on a higher Spiritual level than most Esoteric Orders. The emphasis being on helping others, such as the millions of dollars spent on children's hospitals, or checks written to help with the costs a family has had when their child is injured or the parents unable to work. I truly found overall that most Masons are not as self-focused as members of Western Esoteric Orders who seem greedy for powers, and personal advancement (Spiritual or otherwise). This is not to say Masonry does not have its own issues but if one examines the things that are "Manifested" by Masons, what they have done for others than themselves is enormous.