Thursday, October 30, 2014

Animal Cat (Halloween Kitty)

Goat Cat surveys his forest.
Some cat owners fantasize about having other animals, so they dress their cats up as other animals. This trend completely ignores the fact that cats are the best animals on the planet, and that humans should be thankful that cats choose to live with their human pets servants. Put an end to the insanity and wake up to the fact that the best animal is a cat. Now go get your cat some tuna and catnip!

Another Goat Cat.

Sheep Cat.

Teddy Bear Cat is so sweet, sweet as honey.

Chicken Cat wants to lay an egg in your shoe.

Frog Cat has his eye on you.

Dinosaur Cat is so cute.

Tiger Cat is so sad.

This Tiger Cat says "Smell my feet."

Duck Cat will not swim.

Bat Cat wants your blood.

Bunny Cat waits for Easter.

Mouse Kitty protests your costume choice.

Lion Cat shows off his inner awesomeness.

This cat is dressed up and labed clearly as being a cat.

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