Thursday, October 16, 2014

Batcat (Halloween Kitty)

It is a Batcat!
One of the cutest costumes for cats are bat wings. From the smallest kitten to the largest cat, bat wings are just fun---behold the Batcat!

Ready for takeoff.
Bat wings are so much fun that one of the pieces of advice for the modern cat suggests that one should always wear them.

Keep calm and be Batcat.
The only problem with the advice is it is unclear whether this is advice to wear bat wings or whether it is to become a costumed crime fighter.

Batcat has taken over your chair.
And there are plenty of times when being a costumed crime fighter comes in handy.

Batcat is your worst nightmare.
 When it is time to take over your favorite chair, or put the dog is his place, or when one must guard the fish meant for dinner.

Always be yourself, unless you can be Bat Cat; Always be Bat Cat.
Remember be true to yourself...unless one can be Batcat---being Batcat is the best.

Batcat---no costume required.
 Of course, it is properly best to note that some cats need no costume to be a Batcat---some cats are just so skilled in magic that they can transform in a bat without any artificial aids. Fear the Batcat!

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