Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wedding Cat (Halloween Cat)

Not a dignified wedding couple.
 Today's 31 Days of Halloween Kitties may not seem particularly scary, or even Halloweenly. But that is ok, considering that I am getting handfasted today to the woman that I have spent the last sixteen years with (or is it seventeen?), and have called my wife for the last twelve years (we brought a house together; therefore, we were married by common law, more or less).

How Victorian this wedding is.
What better way to celebrate my special day (hey, just because I am a man does not mean that it can't be my special day too), then some wedding kitties?
Every bride is a princess.
 Isn't this cat a special princess? All brides should be this radiant.

Now for the rebuttal.
I was surprised how few pictures I could find of wedding cats. Then I ran across the rebuttal and reason why there are so few pictures of cats in wedding garb---cats don't get married. Silly me, for thinking that they did.

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