Friday, October 3, 2014

Mad Cow strikes (Halloween Kitty)

Moo says the Mad Cow Kitty.
One of my rules is that the kitchen shall not be decorated using a cow motif. This rule does not extend to decorating the cats---well, if I could actually convince my cats to be decorated and costumed---I can dream that someday that I will have a cat that puts up with wearing Halloween costumes. And isn't this cat so cute in its Mad Cow it "mad" merely because the cat was forced into it?! For those of you that want to attempt to dress your cat up as a cow (with a cute little pink bow tie), this costume is available for sale at the Etsy shop Pampered Whiskers.

(Not a paid advertisement. Moo! I am doing this for fun.)

1 comment:

Rose Weaver said...

Hahaha... this one makes me laugh, though all of them are cute as all get out.