Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ouija boards and cats (Halloween Kitty)

Ouija board kitty style.
One of the silliest things I have ever seen is cats using spirit boards (aka Ouija boards). Given the fact that cats can see and hear things that human beings cannot see and hear, I presume that the cats are merely humoring their human pets, trying to make them feel more secure.

A pink Ouija board and a kitty.
And in their efforts to make their human pets feel better about themselves, cats are willing to use a variety of Ouija boards, including pink ones.

A classic Ouija board and a classic black cat.
Even consulting to use them outside, for communications with nature spirits.

You are doing it all wrong!
And cats are quite willing to give their human pets instructions on how to properly communicate with the spirit world, despite the fact that most humans are dumb as dogs.

Ouija boards are always better with pictures of cats on them.
 Of course, if you really want to communicate with the spirit using Ouija boards, what better way to boost the board's power, then putting a picture of a cat on it?

Sigh--not a real Hello Kitty Ouija board.
Of course, the Ouija board we all want does not actually exist. The Hello Kitty Ouija board is actually just a bit of fan-art. *sigh*

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