Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hexing the dog--Black Magic or not (Halloween Kitty)

Witchy Cat puts a curse on the dog.
Is it black magic if the cat puts a curse on the dog? Can cats be witches? Evil witches? Good witches? Does the Threefold Law of Return (a sub-law of Karma) work on cats? Is it the intention or the end result that makes magic black?

Answer: It is a cat--everything is allowed. All cats are black in the dark. Cats are not witches--they are gods. Cats are both good and evil--they have whole souls and complete free will, not half souls like dogs. Cats are immune from Karma; you will have better luck trying to control your cat with bacon and shrimp. Intention and end result does not apply to whether or not the magic is black or not--it is a dog, after all! Curse away little kitty.

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Tabatha said...

Kitteh Gypsy Witch!