Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days of Halloween Kitties Day 25

It is wrong to try to make kitty part of the borg.
One can never have to much Star Trek or cats on a Golden Dawn blog. And today, you are getting a double scoop of humorous goodness. Behold Borg Kitty. This cat does not look happy at all. Borg kitties are supposed to assimilate you and your belongings, not you them. The following photo is what Borg Kitties are supposed to look like.

Borg Kitty will assimilate all your comfy belongings.

See the difference. Your sofa, your food, your textbooks, your favorite sweater, all will be assimilated. And all without the silly costume. We are the borg kitties, you will feed us shrimp! Resistance is furtile. 

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