Friday, October 21, 2011

It is the End of the World

How my cats look when my god-daughter comes to visit.
Breaking News: If you are reading this, then the end of the world didn't happen.

Or maybe it will before the end of the day. I am not really sure when Harold Camping figured out the exact hour to be. Six o'clock, maybe. Is that Jerusalem time? Or California time?

Seriously, me and the cats have a sure-fire end of the world survival plan. It is the same plan we use when my god-daughter comes to visit. We hide. And if she finds us, then we read poetry out loud.

It has worked so far. Why? Simple, both my god-daughter and Jesus hate poetry.

Well, maybe not Jesus. But my god-daughter does---she calls it cruel and unusual punishment.

I call it payback. Rather Norse of me, isn't it?

Now, I have Elmer Fudd singing "Kill the Wabbit" stuck in my head.

Gee, I wish that the end of the world would hurry up; I don't want that song stuck in my head all night.

(Feel free to post your End of the World rituals in the comments section. I will approve them tomorrow...unless the world comes to an end before then; in which case, Jesus will have to moderate your comments---so keep the comments clean. Thank you.)

How the Secret Chiefs will survive the End of the World.

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