Saturday, October 15, 2011

Loving the peace and quiet

One of the things that I noticed this month is the amount of peace and quiet that I have enjoyed (only a single quote taken out of context this month so far). I guess that no one really finds cats offensive. Nevertheless, next month I know that I will go back to offending people and making comments about things that people just generally get annoyed over.

Chemistry humor cat.
Of course, I suspect a large part of the offense will be the fact that I am going to be releasing a collection of newsletter articles that I wrote in 2010. The reason I suspect that it will be offensive is simply the fact that some people like to be the only authority on the occult wisdom of Golden Dawn and witchcraft, Wiccan and paganism.

The Collected 2010 Hearthstone Newsletter Articles---coming soon.
Then again, the very fact that I saw fit to assemble a collection of the articles that I wrote for the Hearthstone Community Church Newsletter (a free newsletter) and put them into a cheap (but still charging money for) ebook is going to annoy some---it offends people when writers decide to try to make money from their occult and esoteric related writing.

I am not sure what is going to be more offensive. The fact that I refuse to leave the field to those who are obviously much wiser, more learned, and better lineaged than I am. The fact that I would like to make some cat food money. The fact that I am not really that good of a writer...or occultist in the first place. The list of possible crimes is almost endless, isn't it?

Oh wait, I just remembered. The thing that is going to annoy people the most is the simple fact that I refuse to shut up. Bwahahaha!

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