Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Smashwords test project up

Available on Smashwords now.
So I finally got my first test project up on Smashwords. It is a collection of the dozen articles I wrote for the Hearthstone Community Church's newsletter in 2010 (you know Hearthstone---the Full Moon ritual people here in Denver). The name of the collection, Pizza Boxes on the Floor, refers to the OFM I did in June 2010.

Of course, that is not nearly as important as the fact that I managed to get some jewelry pictures edited today for my wife's Etsy shop, Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery. Let's be honest, she is going to make more money from her craft than I am going to make from mine.

I am not sure when she is going to get the new pieces up (I took pictures of three items---one set I am happy with, the other two I need to take replacement photos for); but hey, they are done.

I love this bracelet photo that I took.

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