Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days of Halloween Kitties Day 12

I am a lizard. Maybe a dinosaur. No, wait, a dragon.
Ok, I am not really sure what this particular kitty Halloween costume is supposed to be. Lizard? Dinosaur? Dragon? Oh wait, I know---it is an Annoyed Cat. Silly me, I forgot that all these pictures are nothing more than people annoying the Secret Chiefs and publically posting their disrespect for the true rulers of the universe.

(Public Service Announcement: I must remind you that while the internet was invented for human beings, it is not invented to talk about politics or mystic symbolism or who knew whom; no, it is for the posting of cat pictures. Why else would web browsers and flash be invented? Think about it. Most politicans are ugly, mystic symbolism is supposed to be secret, and you only need text to argue that Aliester Crowley knew Sir Winston Churchill. Therefore, the internet must be for the posting of cat pictures...though these might be the wrong sort of kitty pictures.)

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