Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days of Halloween Kitties Day 28

There is something wrong with this cat.
I will admit that it freaks me out to see a cat calmly wearing a costume. And this one is way too calm. But never fear, see that evil glint in its eye. You just know that someone is going to find some kitty barf in their favorite shoe later.

Now this cat looks properly annoyed.
See that is what a cat dressed up as a wizard is supposed to look like---annoyed. We all know that cats do not need to dress up to work their magic---unless us humans who stumble into Golden Dawn (neymss, a couple of robes, a couple of pair of slippers, two sashes, a lamen, etc.).

And what do wizard cats do with their spells?
Of course, we all know that cats are smart and darn good wizards too. And what do they perform spells for? To get more cheeseburgers, of course. That is what the internet tells us, and the internet would not lie to us, would it?

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