Monday, October 17, 2011

Less guilt over Halloween Kitties

I am just an angry bird.
I will admit that when I decided to do the 31 Days of Halloween Kitties, I felt some guilt. After all, something important might happen in the Golden Dawn community while I was taking my break (in the sense, that I am focusing on a PITA semester---so, it is not a break from the real world).

Today, I feel less guilt. Some things just do not change in the Golden Dawn blogosphere, do they? My big question---a journalist question---is did anyone consider checking out the facts before spreadig the news?

Yeah, yeah, I know---past history says that we have to believe the worst. But given the things various trolls have said over the years, those of us in Golden Dawn are all thieves and ax murderers if the rumors be true. I don't kow about the rest of my readers, but I am not an ax murderer. As for the thief part, well, there are some people that consider every author who writes about the occult to be a thief...therefore if you believe that logic, then I must be a thief.

Of course, it could be worse. I could be guilty of playing Angry Birds and dressing cats up in silly halloween costumes instead of doing my homework.


Deanna Bonds said...

I was wondering the same thing - if that claim was checked out or not. I guess it doesn't matter for the National Enquire of blogs. But isn't it better when Freddy fights Jason than the rest of the world.

Robert said...

Morgan, I can assure you as one of your readers, I have never killed an ax.

On the other hand, I don't follow a lot of Golden Dawn stuff. I am here to do the work, not get embroiled in that distraction. It was some of the best advice my mentor gave me. When faced with the GD wars, duck out and go work.