Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Halloween Kitties Day 11

I am Hello Kitty, pleased to meet you.
Here is a crime against cathood. No one should ever dress up a cat as Hello Kitty (an IQ sapping Japanese invention, I believe). Hey! Wait a second...that is no kitty, that is a doggie! Hmmm, I guess it is ok to dress up a dog as Hello Kitty as long as the dog does not start believing that they are one of the true Secret Chiefs. I mean it is not like a dog has any IQ to sap, right?

(Dog lovers, please leave your hostile comments in the comment section while remembering that my god-daughter thought that this was a very cute picture.)


Rufus Opus said...

OMG... HOGD Secret Chiefs?

The ocelot said...

I am still convinced that one of our Secret Chiefs told our dog to eat that big Hershey bar that one time...