Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And the website troubles continue

So I tempted today to fix some of the problems with the new website for Bast Temple. (My regular readers will remember that we were forced to switch website hosts.) And it was one of those days that I feel that the service that the old host is trying to make us switch to is just too much trouble. (Actually, they are owned by the same company...so one could argue that it is just the same host with the just a higher price.) The current problem is that one has to log in through several forms to get to the actual dashboard for the website...and if you forget a password (and they all have to be different), then you have to wait hours for the reset to occur.

Makes me glad that I set up an official blog for Bast Temple because it looks like it is what we are going to be using for awhile...because I am thinking that we need to use a better web hosting service...or at least one that does not make me want to beat it with a stick.

[If you are in Denver Colorado, or thereabouts, and want to apply for membership in Bast Temple, remember that you can apply through the official blog or by sending an email to basttemple at msn dot com. Just because the web hosting service is causing me grief does not mean that the lodge has disappeared--we are still doing initiations and rituals, as well as holding meetings and lectures.]


Lotta Curves said...

Perhaps you should try creating a wordpress site. $100 a year and you get a dedicated url, and you can fold your blog into the site. Might be a simpler solution.

Josef said...

Hi Morgan

I'm a webmaster to a dozen organizations in the Jungian world, as well as a number of other enterprises. I'm comfortable with dealing with hosting companies Control Panels.

If you would lile me to assist to manage the Bast website for you for a small fraternal fee, then drop me a line. I use mainly Joomla Open Source Software, as well as Drupal. Wordpress although good is limited if you wish to do more advance stuff.

Best wishes