Thursday, August 16, 2012

New pottery available

Last week, my wife completed some more pottery. This batch included several corked herb jars, as well as a half dozen mortar and pestles. All of these are available for purchase through her Etsy store--Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery. At the moment, she is only able to sell stuff to those living in the United States and Canada (someday, we hope to overcome the international shipping problems).

The first video here is two of the small corked herb jars that my wife makes. They are glazed with Oasis Blue and decorated with small jars.

The second video is of two Cobalt Blue Mortar and Pestles. They are food safe, as well as dishwasher safe. My wife has been making mortar and pestles for fifteen years. The mortar and pestles are very durable--I had one that was ten years old (before a certain cat decided to break it). She has several different glaze colors available.

My personal opinion is that a person should have three mortar and pestles: one for food safe herbs; one for poisons (anything that you are not sure about--non-cooking herbs); and one for resins (I prefer smooth bottomed mortars for resins, but have also used grooved for things as Temple Incense).

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