Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Truth in labeling

Australian highest court has upheld the law that says that cigarette companies can no longer display their logos on cigarette packages--all cigarette packages will be a drab olive color with great big government warning on it (I would put up a picture of what a cigarette pack will look like in Australia after the beginning of 2013--but it kinda grosses me out).

Now, imagine what would happen if all Golden Dawn Orders had to do this. There would be no struggle over trademarks...because trademarks would be useless. Instead of promotional copy that claimed that an Order was the best and/or the only Golden Dawn Order that was real and/or humane, one would see a giant warning that one should think twice about joining such a group in the first place.

One would end up having to decide what Golden Dawn Order to join based on things like:

Do you want to become more like the worst lunatic in the Order?
Is there a lodge of the Order located within reasonable travel distance of your house?
Are the fees reasonable?
Does their sense of humor actually make sense to you?
Do you think that you are safe in the same room as these people?

You know, common sense things--things that you ask about other social organizations and gathering places. And these questions would be spurred on by the warning labels that an Order would have to put up in the first place.

Here is probably the one that I would use:

I think that it is relatively truthful.
But there are others. Here is the one that one of my critics would love to see everyone use...provided that they did not have to use it.

Sorry, if I am a troll, so are you. I imagine that a warning such as the following would also meet with their disfavor.

Of course, just printing these warnings on our websites and literature would not be enourgh. These warnings need to be on ALL of our materials and tools. For instance, we could print warnings on the Tarot cards and call it truth in advertising.

Of course, let's be honest. No one really needs these warnings, do they? Just like I do not need to see gross pictures on cigarette packages. But hey, some people think that you need to be warned away from Golden Dawn, especially the bad Orders (you all know who they are--all the GD groups other than the one you are in), so let's start doing it. The sooner we can keep people out of the Golden Dawn Orders, the sooner that they can join some reasonable and completely safe group...like the Scientologists.


Peregrin said...

Thanks, Morgan :)

Am so, so proud of being Australian and once working as a drudge for one of the mung-bean health groups who pushed this through!

Without it, I would not have had the pleasure of reading one of the best GD blogs ever, and certainly the best GD suggestion ever.

May it come to pass...

WARNING: blogger's comments may or may not bear any resemblance to what they actually think, do or say in the real world.

Lavanah said...

Dear Morgan,
I love you.

(oops, that would limit which groups would welcome me, wouldn't it?)