Monday, August 20, 2012

Kicking around not reading a blog

The Secret Chiefs have voted.
As many of my regular readers know, I try to keep up with all the Golden Dawn related blogs on the internet. It is not as hard as it sounds...there are not that many of them in the first place.

But lately, I have been considering not reading a certain Golden Dawn blog. One, I am finding that I need a chart or scorecard to keep all their claims straight. Two, the things they say about me makes me violently upset. Three, if the things that they say about me are not true, well, I find myself doubting everything else that they say.
I need a chart to keep it all straight.
So as an early birthday present, I think that I am just quit reading that particular blog. I understand that they are the Golden Dawn community, and everyone else is just a noisy outsider...but seriously, I do not remember the last time I read their blog and did not feel upset about what they were saying. It is not worth it.

And honestly, I do not think that they will miss my readership either. They say that they want to be left alone; and do not want me or anyone writing about them, so not reading them will help me not write about them...well, in the sense that I will never realize that I am writing about them (for some reason, everything that someone writes which disagrees with them and their opinions is taken as a conspiracy against them).

Yes, I know: in order, not to write about them, I would have to completely quit writing about Golden Dawn and my opinions in the first place. And well, that is not going to happen. I figure that they are going to continue to accuse me of various things; I just do not want to have to read about how they think that I am busy trying to destory them.


Morgan Eckstein said...

Nemesis just wrote on the HOGD/AO blog:

Morgan wrote another strange blog today. Judging from his initial reaction to the announcement of the Pow Wow, I was about to compliment him for also taking a stand for peace and harmony in our common GD community. Was I wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt? Today it looks like I was.

Morgan Eckstein said...

And on the 14th (after I made an announcement of the Peace and Harmony gathering scheduled for next year by the HOGD/AO), Anoymous wrote:

Well, there goes that! I was interested in the Golden Dawn and its teaching with the view of becoming a member. But having spent the last hour going through the blogs of Nick Farrell, Morgan Eckstein, Robert Zink, Deanna Bonds, and Peregrin Wildoak, as well as Pat Zalewksi's forum to find out more, I have just confronted absolute spleens worth of bile, hate and anger. How can anyone be serious in following the Royal Way if this is how Golden Dawn leaders conduct themselves? I was a sincere and motivated seeker, and I have found exactly what I was hoping to avoid; instead of spiritual progress and talk of development I have found petty politics and name calling. Utterly disappointed and no longer wishing to follow a Golden Dawn path.

Morgan Eckstein said...

My reply:

Basically, I am tired of listening to Nemesis and Anoymous accusing me of being a traitor to Golden Dawn. Their comments make me want to say bad things about your Order, therefore it is best that I never read another word that they write--which means never reading anything else by this Order. Thanks Nemesis for making my decision easier.

Lotta Curves said...
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Peregrin said...


Morgan Eckstein said...

Updating my reaction to their reactions:

The very fact that I am called "negativity loving" and "absolute spleens worth of bile, hate and anger" makes me not want to bother. Is this the same type of language I would be forced to listen to if I was there in the flesh? If it makes me upset online, I am not sure that I want to risk my reaction when I am exposed to it in person. Peace efforts require work on both sides--I am not going to agree to peace if it means that you are going to continue to kick me.

Deanna Bonds said...

You have a good idea. Somethings in life are not worth the trouble they cause.

Morgan Eckstein said...

Upon being informed that I stormed off in a huff, and should not be bringing up the past, I replied:

"Peace is not going to work if your side is the only one that is allowed to talk about the wounds the war has caused."

Morgan Eckstein said...

Upon being informed that Peregrin is still insulting them, I replied:

Ok, Nemesis--I am just going to step away from this one...because I have absolutely no control over Peregrin or anyone else in the community. I wish you luck in your peace efforts, but me sticking around here is not accomplishing anything at all...other than making me think that the only way peace will happen is if I and several other people just completely disappear.

Josef said...

Hi Morgan

Like you I've just decided to give up reading the AO blog. It's just spiritualy too toxic an environment with little or no redeeming qualities. Anyone who comments on the blog and holds a different stand point to their 'DOGMA' is subjected to such abuse that is just unacceptable.

As for the Peace Pow Wow, I suspect it's like the following Charlie Brown cartoon

They invite one to trust the AO, but any opertunity they can LES, Alatheia, Nemesis reveal their true colours by abussive name calling. It's like Hitler, Mousolini, Stalin or modern equivalents inviting us to a Peace Conference. Go figure...

With which Orders does the AO have conflict and now wish to have Peace and Harmony. A list would be helpful?

It claimes to be the biggest Order, I would love to see a published list of approx membership numbers of these various Orders.

If this is an example of their Peace Initiative rhetoric, well, they can keep it to themselves. If I was ever to make any comments about the AO, I will restrict it to the pre-1940 AO group, before the (alleged)Secret Chiefs ordered for it to be closed down. Anything after that is a modern revivalist group.

Best wishes


Morgan Eckstein said...

Josef--I discovered that reading it poisons me for the entire day. I would love for there to be peace in the GD community, but I have long ago came to the opinion that reading that particular blog makes me so upset that I want to make war.

Sometimes peace requires ignorance of what the other party is saying. And perhaps peace requires me to be one of the ignorant people.

After all, I do come from a background of abuse--reading that blog brings up a lot of chldhood issues. And as an adult, I have adapted a policy that if you hit me, I am going to hit you back with a bigger brick. That is not conductive to peace at all.

Josef said...

Hi Morgan

I tend to favour the approaches of the soft martial arts, that if someone attachs directly (negativity) one simply redirects the line of force, with a small deflection,and the attack misses its target, whilst dissipating itself.

Rather than seeking Peace within the the community,I much prefer to think of it as different GD groups working collaboratively on various projects on lines of mutual interest and enquiry, sharing documets, joint rituals getting together for a beer and a BBQ. People seeking Peace, suggests tome that they are not at Peace. A start may be to bring Peace within onself.

Anything else is mere saber rattling, and recruitment initiatives to build up a dwindling membership.

Best wishes