Monday, August 27, 2012

Google bait this

This is a picture of Peregrin Wildoak and Mitzy Gaynor.
One of the things that I need a score card to keep track of is exactly who Peregrin Wildoak is, and exactly who are his sock puppets. In fact, it has gotten to the point where I wonder if I am actually a real erotica writer and professional student who is taking a semester off to work on his business, or if I am just a delusional sock puppet who thinks that he should be writing bad sex scenes involving trolls and half-dressed Adepts while studying for the GRE simply because he has fallen behind the washing machine.

I figure that it is only a matter of time before I learn that I am Peregrin Wildoak's sock puppet.

In the interests of keeping my sanity, well what's left of it, I am going to be starting a campaign to convince Google that my cats are Peregrin Wildoak and Mitzy Gaynor. After all, there are no "real" pictures of Peregrin or Mitzy anywhere, therefore it should be easy to fool Google into thinking that I have two tribble eating cats who write about gun control and the bad food that is served at the local KFC. I suppose that they could argue about who is really a servant of Eris, and whether there is intelligent life on earth, and if one should wear a fez and bowtie to a Golden Dawn lodge meeting--you know the really important stuff; none of that unimportant stuff like unrevealed teachings and lore that just bores people to death. No, they will be all about strife and war, and never mention peace and harmony and how it takes a ***** to ascend into a solar body.

And yes, this is just a wild attempt to get all their Google love and deny them readers. Think of it as me doing the world a favor: everyone loves cats and Peregrin and Mitzy would make great cats.


Morgan Eckstein said...

Telling jokes about how I think certain things are stupid in the Golden Dawn community is stirring up strife and the members of my Order will all leave, or so I have been informed. Really? Is this is what it takes to get rid of them--I have been trying to get someone else in the hot seat for years.

Tabatha said...

The REAL Morgan Eckstein is a cat named HANK who is trying to take over the US Senate.

That "picture" of Morgan is just some photo that Hank got off a human website as part of his grand scheme to make us all Think he's human...

We got your number Hank! You're not foolin' us!

Frater A.M. said...

That was awesome Tabby!!!