Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's be clear about something

I would like to be clear about something. I give David Griffin, the HOGD/AO, and its membership, the same amount of respect that I feel they give me. I do not need to be part of a vast and evil conspiracy to dislike the HOGD/AO; I merely need to read the things that they say about me. And because I never foresee them treating me with more respect, I never foresee myself treating them with more respect either. I am not sure how I can make it any more clearer than that.

Diversity in Golden Dawn and paganism does not mean automatically having to agree with the opinions, official statements and lessons given out by David Griffin, the HOGD/AO membership, and their Third Order. And it sure does not mean that I have to treat with upmost respect those people who treat me like some deranged lunatic and claim that I have done things that haven't even crossed my mind yet.

As I said, I do not need to be part of a conspiracy to act as if I do not like you--I merely have to respond in the exact same manner that you treat me and other people. The simple truth is that there is no need for an anti-HOGD/AO conspiracy; all one needs is a bunch of people who dislike you for being a know-it-all who has absolutely no idea that sugar catches more flies than vinegar. Scary, isn't it?

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zirdo said...

Cheer up Frater. Being dissed by the most tiresome people on the WEB carries a certain distinction.