Sunday, May 22, 2011

And the worst that happened yesterday

So the day of the Rapture came and went, and I am still here. I guess that means that I am going to have to pay off my student loans someday. My current plan is to become a pirate. (Image is from "Twenty Rejected Books for Pirates"; several of which I found myself saying, "Hey, isn't that a Golden Dawn commentary just waiting to happen"; I know---I am strange.) Not being raptured and facing the eventual chore of repaying my student loans is the worst thing that happened yesterday. I guess my next big hope is December 2012. What? The end of the world is not supposed to happen just to erase my student loan debt? Oy vey. The other thing that happened yesterday was that my Advanced Adept Advisor looked at me and told me that I really need to take a six-month foundational course in a certain subject ("remedial" for those who are not of the politically-correct school of conversation). No, that was not a bad thing. Actually, that was a good thing. I have been saying for months to my fellow lodge members that I really needed to take some time and learn the basics in the topic that I am drowning in. It is partially the fault of a previous lack of personal interest in the topic (as evidenced by my slim library selection); partially the fault of the previous groups that I belonged to (Hathoor Temple thought I was going to set myself on fire; come to think of it, so does Bast Temple); and partially the fact that when I hit that stage of the Inner Order training, I was suffering from some of the heaviest college classes I ever took (this coming semester promises to be an even bigger joy---ahh, the joys of bening non-traditional college student). Yes, I am one of the retarded Adepts---as if you didn't already know. So what the worst that happened to you yesterday?


Imperator David Griffin said...

Hearing your woes gives me solace.

I felt cheated after waiting for seven hours standing in the hot sun waiting to take possession of my new Lexus once the Christians were gone.

It just ain't fair.

Shouldn't they have to give us Pagans all their stuff any way?

After all, they did promise to give us our planet back and it is not our fault they are still here.

Soror FSO said...

Uh, I wish I had been taken by the Rapture, not because I fear paying my loans but because I fear if I have to deal with the incompetent and irresponsible people in the financial aid department one more time I might "postal" and ruin my chances of heavenly ascent forever.