Thursday, May 26, 2011

Errands are Work

Instead of working today, I decided to run errands with my wife for her jewelery business (I am sort-of a manager and advisor for it). It is not like I was actually going to work on any of the three projects on my desk (one which people are already worried about simply because of the working name of the project)---in fact, it I would have stayed home I would have probably decided to complain about something that boiling on the blogosphere (something I should leave alone until my own work in that area is done---no need to make enemies before I absolutely have to [the enemies are just natural outcome of the work---some people will agree; others will hold an impronto witch-burning]). So, first we went to Mile Hi Ceramics to pick up some porcelain (fifty pounds worth---I got to do the carrying), some small stilts, and a kiln brick. Then we went to Xpedx to pick up some card stock to make into jewelry cards; we also picked up some small boxes for packaging purposes. I have been to Mile Hi Ceramics before; on occasion, I have brought things there (they have small low fire goblets that just need glazing and firing). This was my first time visiting Xpedx---it was a zine publisher heaven (so many different types of paper). And because I did weigh in on a decision or three, the errand running did count as work (after all, I am sort-of the business manager for the jewelry business).

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