Monday, May 2, 2011

International Pagan Coming Out Day

I did not realize that today was International Pagan Coming Out Day. That makes me a bad pagan blogger, right?

I came out of the broom closet back in junior front of my mom...and she promptly put me back into the broom closet. Not that anyone in the town that we were living in (a small town) believed for a second that I was a good Christian like my mom made me pretend to be.

Spending high school in the broom closet made me militant when I came out the second time. For my mom's sake, I did chose to go by my pen-name for many years in the wiccan and pagan community---without allowing my pen-name to be connected with my real name. But that is about the only thing I did to make anyone comfortable.

I have mellowed out over the years. I am not sure when it happened. It might be due to my wife's influence. I am less in one's face about it nowadays. The level of my bluntness tends to be my standard joke in the religous study classes (which are actually literature classes) that I am the obligatory tree hugging pagan that all university classes are required to have. A joke I also use in Golden Dawn circles.

Happy International Pagan Coming Out Day!

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Imperator David Griffin said...

You level of bluntness has mellowed out over the years, Morgan!?!?!

Oh my Goddess, how must you have been back then?